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Concidering fashion source wig collection People wear 2 kinds of wigs - they can be made from real human hair or synthetic fible. The difference in price is greate - genuine hair wigs cost 4-5 times more than synthetic ones. The vital criteria when selecting a wig is to look like it is your own hair. People often think if you want a natural realistic look you have to use a human hair wig. Do not follow the advice of sales person trying to sell you a higher price item - artificial wig that is properly put together will appear very realistic.

Synthetic wigs are easy to care for they keep their shape every time you wash them. Real hair wig requare styling every few days just like your own hair would.

Wig price is mostly determent by a material it made of - as you would imagine it is not possible to get authentic hair cheaply so wigs from them cost an arm and a leg. Himan hair cost is not the same for all hair - hair that come from Asian countries are much cheaper than from Europe. The way you wig is constracted also affects it price. Also it depends on the designers name Motown Tress, Adolfo or Rene of Paris can be costly, but you wold get a master piece.

Experts recommend to wash your wig often. For real hair wig any shampoo would do. For synthetic wigs it is best to wash them with special wig shampoo.

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You can get full wigs, ĺ wigs and headband wigs. Most familiar is a full wig curly, wavy, straight or flip. A ĺ wig is clipped to the top of your head this type of wig needs very carefull selection because it has to look just like your real hair. Since headbands are in fashion now so are headband wigs, also they are easier to put on than regular wigs. Headband wig is secure and easier to handle.

How to find a wig that would best complement your appearence?

Can not decide what color wig would be best for you? This depends on your reasons for wearing a wig. If you need a wig because you are loosing hair, it is best to find the hue that matches your real hair closely.

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If you want a wig to change your image, you can try any color. Girls with light eyes and skin would look great in wheat or platinum color wig and bright red or dark blond hair would look better on people whose skin is not too pale. Carefully selected wig can do wonders for your face, if you chose a style and color different from your own it will make you look like a different person all together. However some people prefer hair extensions to wigs, so you can beer this possibility in mind as well. With hair extensions you donít have to deal with a cap covering your head.

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Hair professionals recommend Wigs, European wigs, African American wigs, Synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, costume wigs, hair pieces. Human Hair Half Wigs · ebony Half Wigs. Motown Tress Half Wigs Description Saba. previous up next. Saba. E-mail this product to a friend. Half Wig. Fiber Synthetic. Color Shown 1B. hair care, wigs, Human tools, beauty supply.

Pad, hair Half $25.80, Deja pad Color shown 2T1B 350 pad Wig pad. Human Half Wig Latoya. Half wigs, European wigs, African American wigs, human hair wigs, ebony wigs, discount Wigs, costume wigs, Halloween wigs and accessories. Half Tress Wigs. Awa. previous up next. 2 E-mail this product to a friend. Description Motown Wig.

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